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Old church with cracked wall
Old church with cracked wall

Projects for preserving and renovating state, church and historical buildings often times require foundation work also. The TOPINJECT technologies provide excellent solutions for strengthening foundations and re-leveling floors.

Our company group has over 15 years of experience in the area of resin injections. We have stabilized soils, prevented further subsidence at a number of church, municipal and state historical buildings. We have excellent references. Turn to us with confidence, because you will find us a reliable partner for your preservation and reconstruction projects.

Typical TOPINJECT solutions

Cifra Palace - Kecskemét - Hungary
Museum foundation stabilized
Historical monument buildings

Old buildings often times require unique solutions when adding another story or general renovations are performed on it. It happens often that the subsoil under old massive walls do not have the proper compactness or the foundations themselves are of low quality. Even if there are no cracks on the building the load calculations often require that the foundations be stabilized. In these cases TOPINJECT can have a positive effect on the institution's budget, since the accessory costs of the injections is far less then for traditional concrete or piling methods. The speed of the TOPINJECT method also helps the financial efficiency of the project.

Cracked wall of municipal building
Cracked wall of
municipal building
Schools, kindergartens, culture houses

Our company group is quite familiar with the special requirements of municipal buildings. We have worked on quite a few municipal buildings. It is our priority to cause as little disturbance as possible to the agenda of schools, kindergartens and culture houses - we will work hard for this. At critical locations we will perform TOPINJECT work at times that that suit everyone. Due to the speed, cleanliness and lack of excavation we cause only a minimal of disturbance in the life of your organization. Our firm is ready to hold a presentation to the organization’s engineers in order to show how TOPINJECT can be used in your project.

Other municipal infrastructure

TOPINJECT injections can be used on specialized municipal infrastructure. A typical example would be the lifting or stabilization of sunken swimming pool or public works infrastructure. In every case we undertake to examine the site for free and to present a correct quotation about the work that needs to be done.

Advantages of the TOPINJECT technology:

Foundations of old monumental buildings can be strengthened without excavation
Foundations of old monumental
buildings can be strengthened
without excavation
Lifting of church floor
Lifting of church floor
Injection inside a church
Injection inside a church

With our firm you have found a reliable partner for your projects. Turn to us with confidence!

On these pages we have introduced the technologies. If you would like know more about the methods, or would like a quotation, please choose from the following possibilities.

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