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The TOPINJECT Slab Lifting technology is used to fill under slab voids and to stabilize and re-level floors. With the technology it is possible to re-level unevenly sunken floors without having to break up the floor or any part of it. Excavations and emptying of the premises is not required to fix the floors. The process of stabilization or required lifting of the sunken and damaged floor is controlled throughout the process and can be stopped immediately if necessary.

Before injection
After injection

Multiple centimeters of lifting is possible

Injection under shopping center floor
Injection under shopping center floor
Application areas of TOPINJECT Slab Lifting technology:

Hídhát-töltés injektálása, úszólemez visszaemelés
Injection of bridge back fill,
lifting of abutment slab
Frequent causes of slab subsidence:

Description of TOPINJECT Slab Lifting technology

During the TOPINJECT Slab Lifting process we inject a resin directly under the concrete slab in order to re-establish the load transfer between the structure and the ground. At the same time the resin fills any macroscopic voids and gaps present. Due to the increased pressure caused by the compression the shear strength of ground beneath the slab improves, which is a secondary, but relevant effect. When the resin has filled the voids the slab begins to lift with great pressure. During the injection we constantly monitor the lifting of the slab with mm accuracy using a laser leveler or a theodolite. We are able to precisely control the lifting of the structure. The injection can be stopped immediately if necessary, therefore over lifting can be avoided. In warehouses and on roads, rocking concrete slabs can be stabilized with this process. When used preventively it eliminates the need to change concrete slabs.

These kinds of slab problems traditionally are solved by breaking up and removing the slab, along with the floor coverings and the inlaid structures (floor heating pipes, utility pipes etc..). After this the fill has to be removed to a depth where firm supportive ground can be found. In some cases this can mean many meters of depth. Then the fill, possibly new fill has to be re-established layer by layer - while compacting it. Only then can the new (gravel) bed be established, followed by the new concrete slab. Naturally all of the disturbed utilities have to be re-built as well. The new concrete requires post processing which means there is a wait for the curing time before the floor coverings can be laid. It is obvious that the effected area cannot be used for a long time. Weeks, months can pass until the area can again assume it’s original function. Regardless of the activity, this means a great reduction in traffic. This additional cost can exceed many times the cost of replacing the slabs itself. These inconveniences and costs can be avoided with the TOPINJECT Slab Lifting method.

In general we only stabilize the subsoil under a slab, but by request of the customer and technical possibilities the re-lifting of the slabs are possible. The technology is usable even when the subsidence is large (10-50 cm). The method can be used successfully in high load warehouses. The TOPINJECT resin’s load bearing capacity is minimum 30t/m2, therefore it can be used for heavy loads. During injection for the most part, the inventory, equipments and other items do not need to relocated.

No further lifting occurs after injection. Half an hour after the injection the resin reaches 90% of it’s final strength, therefore the affected area can be used shortly after injection. For example forklifts and trucks can run. In the case of airports and industrial plants our firm can work at night and can quickly move off and on the effected area as required.

Re-leveling of swimming pool
Re-leveling of swimming pool
Advantages of the TOPINJECT Slab Lifting technology:

of fixing floors - without excavation

The traditional way to fix floors - removing the floor

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