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Wall stitching with helical bars

Alloy spirals in brick wall

Wall stitching technology has been successfully applied for many decades. The basic elements of the system - special spiral bindings are made out of corrosion proof alloy. These can be affixed into walls, rock, grooves, bore holes, with a non-shrinking injectable two component cement based glue.

Arches strengthened by masonry stitching
Arches strengthened by masonry stitching

Wall stitching is a quick and cost saving method for structural reinforcement and renovation work, since the materials and equipments used during application are light and easily mobilized. Therefore it does not require the large equipments usually associated with the construction industry. The application is easy and extremely efficient. The spirals are very sturdy yet flexible enough. The applied glue sets quickly is also sturdy. The method requires that the alloy spirals be glued into the cracked wall structure, which allows for the various independent parts to be structurally integrated.

We recommend this technology when the building also requires structural reinforcement. The structural reinforcement is to be performed after the TOPINJECT injections, when the subsoil has already been stabilized.

Outer wall strengthened
by stitching

Masonary stitching
of corner

Stitching from scaffolding

Stitching of interior
bearing wall